The Summer Playlist for the Class of 2025 is live

As a lifelong content creator, I find that my first response to most any interesting moment is to create something. Sometimes it’s a social media post, other times it’s a t-shirt, and there’s always my favorite standby, writing.

One of the habits I got into while my son was at the Naval Academy was to create podcasts. At first, they were just me playing some of my favorite musics related to a theme – songs related to commuting or for St. Patrick’s Day or Valentine’s Day – then I started doing some directly related to USNA, namely the Herndon Climb, the culmination of the Midshipman’s first year. These were mostly cathartic for me, but I found that fellow parents could relate.

So with my daughter headed to the Air Force Academy in less than two weeks, it seems the appropriate time to unveil the Summer Playlist for the USAFA Class of 2025. I offer no expert advice (because, quite simply, I am no expert) and my shortcomings as a podcast technician are quite obvious, but I hope you’ll give it a listen and see if there’s not a song or two that hit home.

It’s available on several platforms, including Anchor (the embed may not display below):



And Pocketcasts.

Happy listening!

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